Monday, October 25, 2010

You can do it!!

This is my cheer for military spouses everywhere!!! I am noticing soo many complaints about things and it really saddens me and irritates me. Lets break it down, shall we?

*Housing- it isnt a perfect organization, BUT it cant be that bad, otherwise people wouldnt be pining to get on the list... NONE of us are better than anyone else, we all have been at the bottom of the housing list and have had to live elsewhere until we hit our number. No scheming, lying or telling small fibs will get your number higher. Living off post isnt bad and neither is living on post. It just is what it is.. If you have to live off post and your BAH isnt fabulous, you may have to do alot of leg work and research. Remember to ALWAYS have housing or JAG look over your lease to make sure it is serving and protecting you.

Okay, so Ill discuss other issues later, LOL.. So guess what we are supposed to be getting??? SNOW!!! I worked all weekend and am now catching up on deep cleaning.. THANK GOD SAL helps around the house because my small amount of deep cleaning could be HORRIFIC if he werent so FANTABULOUS!!! Speaking of him, he bought me a cross pistol charm for my bracelet*SMOOOCHES* I loves him. I really cannot describe what a guy I am married to. Sal is just super and makes me happy. I dont know how he works as hard as he does and still manages to be a happy person when he gets home and just wants to spend his time with us, whatever it may be. This weekend I was able to sleep in BOTH days AND got breakfast in bed BOTH days WOOHOO!!! Sal and the little boys played in the leaves this weekend and it was cute and surprise, surprise-I took some pics. Work is ehh.. LOTS of fun, There is only 1 douche who I work with that may need to be slapped at some point, LOL.. Okay, have to get back to cleaning and mopping-can I get a WOOHOO? LMAO.. Love to you all

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