Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cont of 2 Sept

What a day!! We made it as far as Butte Montana.. Not to bad. Not where we would have liked to be, honestly. With 2 little guys though, we did pretty well. We are about 4 hours from Canada, so tomorrow we will leave EARLY and get a move on!! Idaho is kind of blah.. Montana seems beautiful though.. I really didnt want to leave Utah, I love that place.. Its home, BUT I am hoping Alaska becomes that for me :) We have managed today to misplace 2 DS games, LOL God only knows where they are. Also had to make a stop at Walmart for some lunch meat, fruit and Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakwel and the Alice in Wonderland dvd.. Also today Dominic and Roman had to pee every 10 minutes, LOL.. Funniest comment of the day goes to Sal who had to pull off the side of the road to let the fellas pee.. I heard him say"No, NO, dont pee on the door" LOL Funniest moment of the day, well that belongs to me.. I was saving Sal from being stung by what I am sure was an Africanized killer bee, so I caught it with the Canadian Map and rolled down the window and out went the bee and the map... UGGGG Oh well, we got a new map and are good to go, LMAO.. He just has to love me, he really does!!

Besides the sadness that was having to visit my dad at his gravesite, was seeing the tiny coal mining town I grew up in.. its missing so many things, just not the same..The downtown used to just have this feel about it, but the 5 and dime is gone, my favorite shoe store is gone, the crown theater isnt a theater, the cooks velvet freeze is gone as is the Milky way.. Where are all the mom and pop shops??? We need those places.. walmart and target have their place but these little local places NEED to thrive as well, so shop locally!!

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  1. i miss my is like his headstone is crying :( life was just so much sweetier with him in you sissy