Thursday, September 2, 2010

sept 2

Wow what a couple of days. Yesterday we left California and headed to Vegas, where I got to see my Aunt Ellen-who is cute as ever!! We then went to Utah ad spent the night with Aunt Patty who wouldn't stop feeding us!! She just recently lost her husband, so it was nice to spend some time with her. We then headed to the cemetary to make a visit to my dad, grandmother and other loved ones. I was more emotional when I saw my dads headstone then I thought I'd be. I just miss him terribly. So we are now on on our way to SLC. We are trying to make it to the border of Canada we shall see lol. The little fellas are really doing well on this long ass journey!!!! Ill add pics when we get to a hotel. I'm doing this from my phone.

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  1. thank you Mary it was good to see you's all also, even if it was for a minute, it's something neither one of us will forget. Love you