Friday, September 24, 2010

Okay, okay

Yes, ive been neglecting my blog, but with good reason. I have really just been trying to get the house all exactly how we love it, LOL perfecting chaos is a very hard job, you know. So, im now a member of our PTA and they may not know what hit them when I start offering advice and suggestions.. They are relatively young and havnt done this before and im old and should have PTSA/PTA stamped over my forehead, LOL.. Im a pro at organized chaos but unorganized chaos? Well that makes me want to curl up in a corner and eat crayons.. Seriously.. So, we shall see.. I do find it HILARIOUS that our school has an ice rink.. Only in Alaska!! I am curious as to why PTA is funding the zamboni and maintenance of it, when the COMMUNITY uses it in the evening.. HMMM, Im sure they will eventually NOT want me to come to PTA meetings, LOL And WHY are we funding the PE program?? Well, not the full program but it has specific funding on our budget.. And why do parents complain yet dont help the problem??? I dont ever understand that one!! So we are all doing well, the temps are dropping DAILY... The afternoons are simply beautiful-usually in the mid to high 60's and we have had alot of sunshine but OMG the mornings!!! Today was 37, IN THE SUN!! A little nippy, but wonderful.. That cold air makes you feel alive, unless your Sal, then you are a big cry baby.. We have to get another car, BOOO.. I hate spending money on that stuff, LOL.. But Tony is getting his permit this month and eventhough Sal litterly works in our backyard, he will sometimes need the truck/car, whatever.. So add that to another financial goal for us, LOL.. Cass has and pays for the jeep, which Sal misses (he misses Cassidy too!) A friend has asked me write an article online about mentorship and the military spouse. Im very excited about that because I think mentorship is UBER important and I want new spouses to know that people do care in how they turn out.. Sometimes as a spouse of a soldier, it is expected that we know everything and if we dont, then we just smile and nod that we do.. The kids are all adjusting well.. Every now and then Dom has a teary eye at school, but I think because he hasnt found his niche yet with his peers, although all the kids think he is great and get so excited when he shows up, he is just a person that has to really figure you out, LOL.. Roman, well he is who he is and very adorable and its been fun to have him all to myself.. Ive never had that all day with him, so im savoring it.. Sal, oh poooooor man.. Let me tell ya. I did have a mental breakdown earlier this week because NORMALLY Sal is a very positive person and will ALWAYS see the good in situations.. Well our Army Post and the AF base is joining and becoming one and being led by the AF and Sal isnt overly thrilled about that, because it seems as though the AF is really just throwing some bones to them.. Im sure it wont be that way once this place gets going on the Joint Basing, BUT for now he is the ONLY Army Soldier assigned to an AF squadron, so that is a bit of a task for him, to NOT have soldiers... So, we shall see, we shall see...

Tonight im excited.. Its couples night out for Sal, me, Scott and Julie!!! We are going to Glacier Brew house for DINNA, no I didnt spell that wrong, its how Scott says it.. he is from Maine :) I want an accent like his and Julies.. Its wicked cute!!

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  1. I've got a friend up there, and she can't wait to get to bliss and away from the cold!

    --tina st p