Monday, September 20, 2010

Again, I must defend "my world"

Yes, today there was a shooting on post at Ft Bliss.. Tragic, senseless and horrifying.. BUT crime happens EVERYWHERE, even on a military installation.. If you think it doesnt or shouldnt, then maybe you should rethink the military way of life.. We are ALL human and some people whether they are military or civilian are going to commit crimes.. Crime happens Everywhere and DAILY.. You are still safer on a military installation, than just about anywhere else.. Im calling that this was a domestic situation that was dragged out into the open, which is what happened with the shooting over a year ago at the PX and the shooting of a highschool student right before that, that was a random act of horrible crime. If you are ever privy to an MP station in a 24 hour period of time you would be shocked at what goes on, at any given time.. Today its obvious that the MPs handled it great and maybe saved more lives, because who knows what could have happened had the shooter gotten away.. "we" cant get paranoid and think that we are overly safe on post and that soldiers and family members wont screw up and commit these horrible acts.. But they do. You have to always use common sense in your personal safety..

My next issue is complaints about the FRG-FAMILY READINESS GROUP!! There will NEVER be a perfect FRG and they are ONLY as good as you make them.. I dont go into a leadership position thinking I will "show them how its done right" I go in thinking hmm, id like to hear what THEY expect from me, and let them know what I expect and talk about goals and what an FRG is and what one isnt.. You dont have to be part of the FRG and we have all been burned at some point.. But where you burned by a person or by the FRG? Sometimes there are crappy people, most people are good and want to mentor or help out a spouse.. if you had a bad experience, dont let it stop you from being part of another FRG.. I think spouses are forgetting that WE, as in FRGs, soldiers, civlians, military installations, arent perfect.. They are lead by human beings and we are all guilty of having shortcomings at times.. For instance... This last deployment I was a co-leader to my friend Kristin, we made MANY many plans and had alot of great things for our families in the unit, BUT we cant force you to give us correct information, we just cant.. So, if they werent contacted about things due to lack of correct information-guess whose fault that is?? Not mine, Not Kristins)eventhough we definately got the blame) it was YOURS(meaning spouses) Again its about being human.. Im not a mind reader, although my kids might argue that, LOL I cannot know you are having issues with anything during a deployment if you dont let me know. I cant help you solve the problem if I dont know, I dont know you had baby, if you didnt let anyone know you were pregnant. I also think if I had an issue with each FRG over the past 21 years, I would start looking in the mirror to see if maybe I am part of the problem.. Not to say there arent crappy people and less than stellar FRGs, but its rare, honestly..

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  1. you're stealing words out of my mouth :)

    I understand, sometimes you get burned by someone, or you have a bad experience with a base, but don't write it all off just because of those experiences! Before we left for Bliss, Jake told me that he wanted me involved with the FRG. he knows that if I'm left alone, I mope. He knows that I need the interaction if he's gone. I told him I would give it a try, but if there was any 'drama' or 'b*tchiness', that I wouldn't have anything to do with them. Luckily, I've got a good group of women surrounding me :) Info is posted left and right on FB. I was invited to someone's house to watch movies, and I hadn't even met the woman. They give us info that the soldiers aren't even given yet! I found out Jake gets some days off next month, that he didn't know about, and he's the PL!!!

    --tina st p