Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a little dinosaur advice

So, I have been reading alot of posts on various military spouse websites complaining about this or that and I have to remind these ladies and gents- This is the military, it isnt run the way the civilian world is run and you can either accept it now (which will make life a whole hell of a lot easier) or continue to vent frustrations to the people in charge of orders, medical care, etc... "WE" are not the only ones PCSing, ETSing, needing medical care, pissed that our soldiers have to work late.. These civilians and personel people are dealing with litterly hundreds of situations and patience has to be our best friend... Ive seen spouses smart off to civilian employees, 1sgs, commanders, etc.. It Ain't pretty when that happens.. You make yourself and your soldier look bad and it CAN and DOES affect the soldiers reputation.. Trust me when I say we have all been spoken to rudely, or dismissed with a concern, BUT there are MANY ways to handle it-MANY right ways to handle it.. We just cant always have our way.. Just not possible unfortunately, although it would be nice if it could happen.. it isnt a perfect world baby!! so, my
advice is that you have to play the game as a mature person-be the bigger person always..

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  1. I think the spouses/family members that go fuss at the chain of command are idiots. When I went to see jake for his boot camp graduation, on family day, they delayed us seeing him by 4 hours. For no reason. One mom was standing there ripping one of the sgt's a new one, and the poor guy is trying not to roll his eyes. She yelled and yelled and demanded to talk to the commander. He said, Ma'am, you can find him at _____. GOOD LUCK.

    --tina st p