Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We have internet!!

We have cable, phone AND internet!! And drum roll...................Tomorrow, we have household goods!! Lets take a moment and pray everything arrives in the amount of pieces it is supposed to have LMAO... Dom is in school now and Roman has a waiting list for preschool on post, fun.. I know! So, I may be looking elsewhere for him to get educated, LOL.. Sal had his 1st official week of work and umm, interesting is all I have to say.. He is going to have a huge undertaking (the Af here and the Army are combining) and NOBODY really knows whats going on, BUT PS, the combining of this place happens in less than 2 weeks!! LOL BUT, they selected the right man for the job, as Sal can make prime rib out of hamburger helper and do it without breaking a sweat. Im proud of him, he rocks. I thankfully have my best friend here so that makes things easier for me because she is a wealth of knowledge and a bucket of fun. I am still trying to figure out what ill do here in regards to volunteering, LOL.. They already have a PTA president, no FRG for what Sal will be doing, so hmm, what shall Mary do? I am-at least I think I am- the oldest parent at the school LOL Saw some interesting types today.. Interesting bad, not interesting, hmm Id like to be friends ;) Roman and I went to the PX today and bought toilet brushes for each bathroom, cereal organizers, storage containers(yeah, is this the alaskan adventure you wanted to hear about?) Our daughter and her family have arrived at their final destination for recruiting!!!!! So happy for them and this new start. Our son and his family are in the middle of their PCS from Leonard Wood to Bliss(Nick will be in the company Sal just left-do you think that they will think Sal was demoted? LOL) they are DEFINATELY looking forward to getting the heck out of FLW!!! We love them all and miss them horribly! Cassidy the traitor LMAO is doing well also. She is working full time and BETTER get to the college this week to get the info I am waiting to hear about... Tony starts open gym for bball tonight, so I know he is THRILLED about that.. Now to find him an English Tutor and we will be set.. English for some reason has been a challenge for him this year. he is normally an honor student.. This year, English is thyne Enemy for him.. But he is a tough cookie and if WE have to stay up all night to figure it out and help him, well then-we will!


  1. Ummm, have you forgotten that you belong to an Engineer BN FRG!!!!! Only the best for my BFF.

    Wuge you!

  2. hahahah, true that.. I AM the advisor for BFFs FRG LMAO-self appointed, of course!!