Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello from Brittish Columbia!

Greetings friends!

Today I am blogging from Fort Nelson Canada, which is located in Brittish Columbia!! It is SOOOO incredibly beautiful here.. We drove 12 hours today, but it went by super fast.

Right now im doing laundry from the hotel-yep, mommy's work is never done LOL.. So a few funny things today.. Whilst we were in MacDonalds for lunch, the boys had eaten and we were letting them play in the indoor play area there and we noticed a sign that said *socks must be worn and can be purchased at register* LMAO!! That is just too damn funny.. THEN, Dominic instead of just saying "hey mom and dad, I need to pee" He says " Oh my goodness, I dont understand why I alw ays have to pee" LOL, that is our clue that some pee'ing has to commence. And of course we cannot go one day without Roman adding some wit.. Today they were counting their toes(yeah, I know-we were REALLY bored) so Dominic said he has 5 plus 5 equals 10 toes and asked Roman how many HE had.. Roman said " they are my friends, my toes" Oy, that kid!! The drive today, while it was 12 hours, it didnt seem like it.. We drove through Dawson Creek, Peace River and other various towns. We also hit a rain/mud storm, so Sal is very happy that his F250 has been baptized in the mud!! So, tonight we are planning tomorrow, doing laundry, giving boys a bath and ate at a cute place called Boston Pizza..The boys had pasta, Sal had Lasagna and I had a french dip.. Yeah, yeah none of us got pizza at a pizza place, its okay we are tourists and can do that LOL.. Tomorrow another 12 hour drive from here to White Horse or something like that.. Toodles!!

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