Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall weather

Fall weather is my favorite and I am getting it in HUGE doses living here in Alaska. That crisp air, the smells-all wonderful... Today I made homeade chicken soup and now the house is filled with delicious smells and warmth. We are all doing well, Tony I think, has strep throat again.. poor kid. He has NEVER been sick and then in the last 3-4 months strep, strep, strep!! He is home sleeping today. Roman and I went to the commissary for some organic veggies for the soup, didnt see any organic chickens BUT found some that are hormone free, so that is okay. Today my sister, Ronni, and her family are making a big move in life. They are leaving Alabama and heading to Nebraska! They wanted a change and something new. I wish them well in this adventure and I think they are going to love their new home. Nick is enroute to Ft Bliss and stopped in Tennessee to see Ashlee, Blake and Kaydence, so that was nice. Its hard being a military family in these situations. It will be a RARE occasion that we have all 6 kids together under one roof, which makes me soo sad.. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a "regular" person and live in one town our whole life and get to see our kids and grandkids whenever we want, BUT our life has been great and I really cannot complain too much. We have seen and experienced such wonderful things and we did it together as a team. Those memories will be with us forever. Im ever so proud of Nick and Ashlee for following the military tradition in this family, its a hard knock life, but they are doing an amazing job and we are so proud. When Cassidy graduated HS and went to Az, there were a couple times she was "homesick" and I dont mean just for us, for this way of life. When Cassidy had days like that she drove to Luke AFB and would go to the px and commissary. She said it made her feel at home to be around military and military families.. AWWW, my poor baby girl, LOL. Tony really doesnt want to be in the military-which is fine with us. After college he wants to be a police officer. Really, im proud of our children as long as they are all good and decent human beings. So, today while I am making our dinner meal (which is something our kids always love to eat) it makes me think of them and eventhough it puts a tear in my eye to miss the 3 that are on their own, it also makes me proud of who they have become.. I love you Nicholas, Ashlee and Cassidy-We miss you all soooooo much but are very proud of you.. Love, mama!

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  1. Oh girl, I'm so with you on this whole post! I too, love fall and am experiencing it for the first time in a LONG time. We certainly didn't have it in Hawaii. New England is beautiful right now and is getting even prettier.
    We have 5 kids between us and we rarely have them all together. 3 of them are mine from my first marriage and I raised them alone for the most part. They are all three gone now. The baby just left for college this year. I miss her especially right now. She helped me bake, cook and was so interested in everything I did in the kitchen. Thanksgiving will be especially hard this year without her. We had developed a tradition of watching the parade on the kitchen TV while we cooked. This year I have the step-son and he is playing football on Thanksgiving. I guess we as mother's and especially Army wives are adaptive to change and growing. It just hurts a little sometimes. (I wouldn't trade for it either)