Saturday, August 14, 2010

My dad..

Today would have been my dads 61st bday. I am now older than he was when he died. The ache in my heart from my dads death 22 years ago, is an ache that just never goes away.. I miss soo many things about him, he was such a funny dad. Our dad wasnt perfect, BUT he was pretty darn close as a father. Lately I have missed him more than normal and it feels like he died recently. Of course I have selfish reasons for wanting him here. I want him to see his grandkids and the men that Ronni and I have married and be part of our daily lives. I do see alot of him in my 6 kids and Ronni's 2 kiddos. MAYBE because I want to see those things to make me not miss him as much, or MAYBE they just have some of his traits. My dad was the BEST dad for daughters.. He showed us how to be treated, he showed us that men can and do clean and help raise their children, he put his kids 1st, ALWAYS.. He was strict when he needed to be and always papa bear with us. I miss him singing in the car, LOUDLY I might add, I miss his HUGE laugh, he had the best laugh EVER!!! He did most of the cooking in our house and loved to make breakfast for dinner. I cant believe today is his Bday, we had such fun bdays with tons of people at the house, bbqing, laughing, playing jokes. Always a fun time. Daddy, I hope today especially you know that we are thinking of you, missing you and always loving you.. Til' we meet again. Happy Birthday daddy!!

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  1. Love you Beautiful! He would have enjoyed each and everyone of the kids. I am sure he is looking down laughing at the way they are. They keep him entertained LOL. Hugs and kisses. Sal