Monday, August 23, 2010

I guess I will sleep when im dead!!

Oy Vay with the PCSing!!! Its going as smoothly as expected but I am just tired, with a capital T! Today our Princess Ashlee had part of her gallbladder surgery, tomorrow is the rest.. I was teasing her that she didnt need to go to such extreme measures to get out of cleaning and clearing quarters(this is her 1st PCS as a military spouse) And she collapsed while cleaning and had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. BUT she is feeling a little bit better. In the morning they will actually take her gallbladder out and in a few days, they will be on their way to Tennessee. We ran errands all day long today. Had to take the jeep to get its oil changed, inspected and purchase new tags, get medical records, buy Disneyland tickets, Sal needed a haircut, laces for his acu boots, I got a pair of AWESOME sneakers for Disney, like walking on a pillow, then we jetted off to Sams club to buy gatorade and water for the packers *sidenote* Feeding and providing beverages for the packers and loaders isnt a requirement, BUT its a nice gesture and it doesnt have to be a 1o course meal, but something that fills the belly. Tomorrow we will probably only have 2-3 workers, so I will do pizzas(little ceasars 5.00 specials!) The next day we will do 2 turkey subs, 2 bmt subs and 2 ham and cheese subs from subway. I cut them into 3's and have the condiment packets in a little basket with mini bags of chips, some cookies and usually a bag or 2 of apples and oranges, 3rd day will probably be burritos or something similar like that, maybe hotdogs and chippies. There, off soapbox of that, LOL..

Came home from Sams club and packed the little guys travel bag, toy/color/book bag and packed Mine and Sals suitcase, washed my Vera bradleys that somehow have been set on the ground when a certain daughter "BORROWED" them, GAH!! Rule is VERA doesnt ever meet the floor, so now im taking a blog and coke break, watching Kimora's Fab lane, eventhough she irritates me. Sal claims the world today is out to piss him off, LMAO!!!! It isnt but he is having one of THOSE days...... Okay, folks I must go and finish being productive for the night and then hit the shower and the bed.. Ciao Bellas!!


  1. sounds like y'all are having *fun* ;-)

    --tina st. p

  2. I don't know too many yet, but you are so far in the lead as to "which Army wife I would want to be when I grow up". I would love for you to share this particular blog on our board. Like I have said before, thank you and your ENTIRE family.

  3. I am in sheer awe at the amount of things you were able to accomplish in one day.. my goodness.. and on top of it all, the tone in your blog sounds like you're still happy.. lol :) nice work :P

  4. I agree with *Wayne* you are one good example of what an Army Wife should be.
    *another army wife*