Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I havnt lost my mind...... YET

Day 2 started off with the boys sleeping until 0800, something that they NEVER DO!!! I was able to get Dom into an appt for prescription refill-THANK YOU GOD!!! He requires an EPI PEN and I realized yesterday that his all have expired within the last week.. OF COURSE THEY HAVE, right?? So, the mover ladies were here bright and early and ready to go.. They kicked some ass!!! I took the little boys out of the house for part of the day. We went to Ihop, then the outlet mall,got their hair cut, barnes and noble, picked up lunch and starbucks and came home. We ate, then I took Dominic with me to kinkos to make copies, Ross to look for some polish pottery before the stuff gets packed out. We then headed to the Dr appt, picked up ALL our medical records, got Dominics 2 epi pens, also picked up some OTC meds at the pharmacy for the trip, came home and had pizza for dinner. Tonight Sal and I are cleaning up the house because our preinspection is in the morning, yayy!! Final inspection is Friday but no biggy since we are hiring a cleaning team. We only had to surface clean. Our daughter's surgery was pushed back until tomorrow and she is not a happy camper, so bright and early she will have the surgery, be released at noon and then drive from Ft Hood to Va to recover a bit before they PCS to Tennessee. Such a good and tough Army wife she has turned into.. We are all so proud of her!!

While I was out and about I witnessed some funny things. 1st, a lady at the Drs office was with her 4 little girls and one of them was maybe 7 and she wasnt sitting lady like and the mom said to her" listen here little missy, girls dont sit with their asses hanging out" She was an interesting character. I also, while in Kohls overheard a lady LOUDLY telling her little girl, "find mommy a bras that says 4-4-ddd", and the little girl said"okay mom," the little girl was about 5 and she must have found one and said "wow mom that fits my whole head" LMAO ahhh kids, gotta love them right?

Tomorrow morning after the preinspection, our friend Lew and our daughter Cass are coming over to watch the boys and the movers because at 1130, Sal and I are going to the ceremony for the Dr Mary E. Walker award. Then come home and get back in our grubbs and finish cleaning, move into the hotel and become 2 days away from our journey!!


  1. I hate the sight of stacked cardboard boxes!! I'm sure you're loving it ;)

    Kids say the darndest things, right? When I was 3? my aunt finally got my mom to go into Frederick's of Hollywood in the mall..... They're looking at something, and I randomly blurt out, "Mommy, Nanny's (her mom) boobies won't fit in that!"

    --Tina St P

  2. Oh my...just looking at those boxes makes my stomach hurt a little. After the move we just had, I don't want to see another box for a while..oh but wait...I'll be doing this again NEXT SUMMER. Oy.
    Good luck with everything, it sounds like you have it all under control!!