Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a day... And its only 3pm

Some of you remember that comercial from forever ago that went something like this- "soldiers in the Army do more before 10 am than most people do all day" yeah, thats how my day has gone, only im not a soldier- im an Army Spouse. Today started off "our normal" the lady packers came and finished up the last little bits and bobs, then the men folk packers came to wrap and secure all the big stuff. Sal and I then got ready(he had to relearn how to shave and put on his ACU's because well, he has been "clearing" and hasnt had to work, LOL.. Then we headed over to the Centenial club for the Dr. Mary E. Walker award ceremony. There were about 20 or so being awarded this medal. Our Brigade Col almost stated word for word what I preach about almost daily, whether it be in real life or the computer world. What he stated was that we as military families really are a valuable asset to the Army and that we should pass on our knowledge because then it snowballs and helps others. It IS OUR job as military spouses to give a postive and honest view to new spouses about this life. I dont care what people say, but we do really matter to the Army and we are valued. So, if you see a spouse that needs some help, offer it, figure out how to help her figure it out. Pay it forward... *end of soapbox*

So we are now in the hotel on post in a pool view room and me and the little fellas are enjoying it.. Sal is still at the house with the packers.. They load up tomorrow, it heads to Seattle and then by boat to Alaska :) Tonight we will hit the commissary and get lunch meat, bread, snacks and drinks for the trip :) Im getting more and more excited as the time moves on.

sidenote.. Princess Ashlee has had her final surgery and feeling better and like a true and tough Army spouse, she and her fabulous husband are PCSing this evening, LOL

*my army spouse tip do jour* Live an honest life.. Its pays off in the end :)

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