Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh people are cute..

There is an ugly side to military spousness.. Its the "let me one up you" complex.. Its rampant at times in this life. I really have to laugh because if they stepped outside the box and looked in they would see how RIDICULOUS they look. I belong to several military spouse forums, fb pages, what have you.. I am thinking I need to clean alot of them out. Here are my opines-

*super fast tracking doesnt make your husband a better soldier, Fast tracking isnt always a good thing.

*Dont take such offense or read into comments and feel they are about you.. Grow up.

*Dodging a deployment ON PURPOSE is a douchy thing to do

*1SGs arent out to ruin your life or the life of the soldier

*YES, health and welfare inspections can and are done

*Arguing with a commissary bagger as to WHY they get tips an not an hourly wage is dumb.

*being the FRG leader doesnt get your soldier promoted

*You dont have to put your WHOLE life story out into the world.. The Army is a VERY small world

*Yes, there are MEN married to soldiers- they are military spouses as well

*"WE" got promoted sounds IDIOTIC.. Yes spouses help the soldier, but its the soldiers promotion.

*Starting a facebook page doesnt make you an expert in all things military..

Whew, I feel mucho better! So the move is still going well. We will VAMANOS on the 28th of August!!!!!! Still purging and getting things organized. Sal has started clearing, yay!!!..

Next castmembers in my family id like to intro you to is our daughter, Ashlee and her husband Blake and their presh bombolina Kaydence Marie!!! Blake is a recruiter to be(in a few days actually he will graduate) They will be on their way to Tennessee and are BEYOND excited. They have been at Ft hood a few years. Ashlee is a charactor and speaks her mind, boy does she ever.. She has calmed down in her old age, LOL.. But still opinionated. Ashlee is a great mama and goes to college in addition to taking care of her new family. I miss them alot and cant wait to see them again.


  1. Aunt Ronni loves the Seidels :)

  2. Have to say...just catching up on this blog and LOVE IT! By the way...Woody said thanks for the men are Army spouses too :) and along with the rest of them I agree 1SG aren't out to ruin your life...imagine that LMAO!