Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

So, today is fathers day. I want to blog about the best dad-My sweet pea, Sal. Why is he the best dad you ask? Well because NOTHING is more important than his family. I can remember with each birth, how he held those babies so strong and proudly and the love in his eyes was blinding. Sal has a career that doesnt always allow him to be here for each milestone, but he is always there in spirit and NEVER forgets to call them to wish them goodluck on a test, game, prom, ANYTHING... Sal has to be a disciplinarian at times, but he does it always in a loving way. He has always put his needs and wants on the back burner for this family and im always in awe of that. He is an equal partner in this marriage and in parenting our children so I wanted to say thanks to him tonight in my blog, so here goes-

Dear Sal,

WOW, this is your 22nd fathers day!! There are 6 wonderful people who had you in their lives to love and be loved by. I have sooo many wonderful memories of you as a father. There are a couple times that REALLY stand out in showing what a wonderful father you are. 1, is when I was out of the country and Ashlee had to go to a ball and YOU handmade her corsage(in Germany they arent a typical thing to go out and purchase) You did it McGiver style and it makes me crack up when I think about it, but it turned out beautifully and Ashlee was soo proud to wear it, you also took her to our friends to get her makeup done and you took pics for me, so I could be part of it. The 2nd time was when I was out of the country and you took Cassidy to get her 1 year pictures done and you even did her hair with a cute little ponytail and made sure to matchy match her outfit and everything! Ive watched you hold a tiny hand of a baby that was holding you tight as they were learning to walk, watching you hug a son who had just witnessed his own son entering this world, and holding a hand of a "little girl" as she was walking down the aisle to marry the new man in her life. We have leaned on each other when the tough times of parenting, pushed us to our limits and leaned on each other while watching the wonderful moments. You have loved these 6 humans we were gifted and loved them unconditionally, through and through. I love hearing you read to our kids, with your serious monotone voice(especially funny when they want you to read Dr Seuss), So, Sal-thank you for being my partner in this journey and being the most wonderful dadANY child could be lucky to have.. You are a beautiful man, truly.... Love always...

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