Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I cannot believe its nearly 2012!!! We have approx 3.5 hours until we reach 2012, so I wanted to blog a bit. This year has had its ups and downs and MANY learning experiences, had some disapointments, some struggles, some successes and failures. C'est La Vie! As my wonderful husband always tells me when I am being a negative Nelly-"Honey, its life and it isnt perfect, but its all good in the end." Boy, I hate when he is right but glad he reels me back in. One thing that never changes is my love for my family and friends, you KNOW who you are. You bring fun and love and happiness to our lives.

Im very proud of our 6 kids as well. Nicholas came back safely from Iraq and is now with his wife, Megan and their son, Deuce.They are all together at Ft Bliss and planting their roots. Our oldest grandson, Gbaby, lives in Missouri with his mom Paige and they are doing well too. Ashlee, Blake and Kaydence are still on recruiting duty in Tennessee and LOVING living there. Ashlee is training to be an optical tech and having a great time. Cassidy and her partner, Katie are doing awesome and have a cute apartment, new jobs and Cass is plugging away at college. Anthony is in his Sr Year and working hard to graduate, still playing basketball. He now has a girlfriend, Dana and we just love her to bits. They are really cute together and i'm proud of them both. Dominic and Roman are crazy as ever and always have me laughing or pulling out my hair, sometimes at the same time. They are both doing great in school and LIVE to be outside, even in this frozen tundra. They both got their first guns and are ready to shoot. Sal is awesome, he truly is the best man I have ever known and he makes me so very happy. 2012 will bring our 23rd Anniversary AND 23 years in the Army. Hard to believe 23 years for both. He is still hemming and hawing about retirement, LOL... Right now he is the Provost for the Ft Richardson side of JBER and also the Liason to the AF Security Forces, he really does enjoy it, but REALLY misses having soldiers to lead(He is so awesome at that) But maybe next duty station. I had a great 2011 in the working aspect. I got what I refer to as my 1st grown up job, LOL.. I've been a stay at home mama for 23 years, so working was VERY scary for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and who I work with, its a GREAT group of people and they have been patient and helpful to me. 2012 I hope will be a wonderful year for all my friends and family. I hope we all meet our goals, or have fun attempting, I hope we learn good lessons and realize what is important. I also hope 2012 brings home more soldiers to their loved ones. I am so over deployments!!! I wish for strength, patience and understanding to those spouses that are holding down the fort. Remember, each day that passes is 1 closer to the reunion. Keep strong and keep the faith.

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