Monday, March 28, 2011

Anthony Giancarlo Urzi

I just wanted to blog about one of my sweet boys. You probably dont hear me say too much about him on FB because I dont want to embarras him, LOL.. He is soo amazing though. The kid has the BEST SENSE OF HUMOR EVER.. He has such inner strength and a good heart(he will deny the good heart, LOL) He was such a challenge as a little guy, but still so freaking lovable. You gotta love a teenager that isnt humilited to give his parents a hug at any given time. Its funny, sometimes he will just come down the stairs punch sal and run back up, LOL.. Not punch in a "going to be in jail for assault" type punch, so dont fret. He is the ONLY one of the 6 kids that really looks like me, he will say that causes him to be the favorite, LOL.. He also has my wit-so poor Sal, he cant win in this house of smart asses. Tony has his flaws, Umm like he waits until Sunday night to inform us of ANYTHING, or to do a project-GRRRR.. LOL He also likes to make mac and cheese and 11pm NIGHTLY, he said its his late night snack- I say he wants to annoy me with the clanking around and mess.. I just want him to know how proud I am of him. He is a joy to parent and its been a wonderful journey to watch him grow up and do the right things(other than normal boy shenanigans, LOL) He is a loyal friend, son, brother. I love that he isnt out being a menace and litterly lives at the gym or is with his best friend, little Nic. It also warms my heart that just when I think he wants to sell his little brothers to the highest bidder, I will read a paper he has written for school and it is about them and how they make him laugh and how much he loves his family. So, Anthony Urzi, today I want to let everyone know just how fantabulous you are and how loved and needed you are to our family. (even at 11pm when you are making mac and cheese) Kisses buddy!!!

PS, dont mind all the stupid expressions, LOL this is how he likes to torment the mamarazzi LOL

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  1. he is fab! i heart that kid! ~~~ but i am a bit partial ~~~ Aunt Ronni