Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.

Okay, this picture is FUNNY because of Sals expression.. Backstory- This was 5 min before Sal and a group of soldiers were deploying. He was on the mic, calling role call and getting everyone lined up for the busses to take them to the planes. That whole morning was crazy, as you can well imagine and the family time had been shortened by about 20 min or so, (flexability, spouses!!!) anyway, this lady dragged her husband up there and YELLED at mine saying her husband WOULD NOT be lining up until they got their 20 minutes(families had been together for hours) she was screaming at my husband, so I stepped back for 2 reasons(1 for a photo op and 2, she was about to get my size 9 in her face) Sal gave her that look and finally got a word in... something about, get out of his face, LOL Jk, JK.. He did remind her that this is a real live deployment and he wasnt getting those 20 minutes and then kept calling role.. Oh that man of mine, likes to make friends LMAO


  1. LMAO...I see she really dressed in her finest for the occasion as well. I know, I'm terrible.

  2. That poor soldier! lol

  3. That's a WIFE? Looks like a dude!