Monday, March 14, 2011

My army chair quarterbacking of Army Wives...

Okay, so I was just watching my DVR and watching Army Wives. I think Sal actually likes it a wee better than I do, LOL all in all its a fairly accurate account of military lives. While watching it, Roman came in the room while "Joan" was having her COC(change of command) ceremony and like a true "Army Brat" he said, "MAMA, that wooks like daddys meeting(Sal had a COR, change of responsibility ceremony(that is for 1sg's, sgm's, csm's).. Daddy did dat with da fwags(flags) Yes, he did RORO.. So back to the QBing.. Joans COC would have typically been on a bit bigger of a scale. Garrison command is NO joke of a position. I also have NEVER heard a speaker welcome honored guests, family, friends and Army Civilians.. Not the Army civilian part, LOL..The disciplinary action review board, is true.. And NO joke.. The military families have to definitely live to a high standard. Living on post IS a privilege and shoplifting ANYWHERE is a no no.. I have actually seen families kicked out of housing for what a dependant has done.. I have also seen a child kicked out of housing with the parents being allowed to live on post(child had to live with friends off post) Next is Claudia Joys graduation. I can attest from experience that the important things that spouses go through is sometimes overlooked. I have had people call during a deployment to ask how is Sal, etc, never once asking how I am. I have accomplished and done things that have gone unnoticed and Sal has forgotten things too. This job as Army Spouse isn't for the weak hearted for sure. Thankfully though, the tough parts are few and far between. The key to it all really is a good circle of friends. They get us through the hard times, good times and any other times. One memory I have of true friendship is when Nicholas and Ashlee had their confirmations together in Giessen Germany. It was during a deployment and of course we were far from home and family couldn't make it. Well who was front and center at their confirmation? The YaYas... Lana, Lisa, Kristy, Michelle, Melissa.. They were there taking pics, shedding tears of pride and of course having a laugh.. Those are Army Wives and its what we do. So, remember if you are a military spouse and having a rough day-have a chat with your inner circle, it will make you feel better, always...

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  1. AMEN SISTER! You have gotten me through a few. You are one heck of a mentor Ms. Mary. And I thank the Army for bringing you into my life! <3