Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "Lavish" Life

My head has many crazy thoughts about the recent article I read regarding the lavish spending and the lavish lifestyle that military families live-This my friends is so far from the truth. The Author talks about so many things that I truly believe he didn't research. I am so irritated by his writings because bottom line, it isn't true for most of what he talks about. From his writings, he makes us sound like we are rolling in the dough and live in massive houses, get medical care and practically free groceries. What he doesn't speak about is the sacrifices that the military and their families make each and everyday. Only 1% of the population is even in the Armed Forces! These brave men and women DEFEND this country. These brave Americans lay their lives on the line and those that "survive it" come back changed people (not bad, just changed) Does this man know that my husband has listened to soldiers dying over the radio in an attack? Does he know that my husband has had to see HORRIFIC things, even holding onto someone in their last moments? He has watched soldiers do brave things to save others and risking their own lives and not even blink an eye to do it. My husband is no different than any other battle hardened soldier in what he has done or seen. I bet this author doesn't jump out of his skin when someone drops a tray or at the pop of a balloon or flinches going under a bridge. He should really do more research in making these budget cuts sound like they are going to save our economy, to which they will not. Should EVERYONE tighten their belts, including the military-Absolutely, but do NOT insinuate that we are living some crazy Trump like exsistance because Sir, we are not.. I can only speak for my family, because every military familys' story is different but this is ours.


My husband joined the Army at 18 years old-just a child really. Sal had a new wife and a baby on the way, he was making our lives better while serving the nation he loves. When he joined the Army in 1989 his base pay was 700.00 a month, he made more bagging groceries in High school than he did his first 2 years in the Army. We were given a housing allowance, medical benefits to which I am greatful for, they provided us a safety net. Sal deployed in 1990 to Iraq for Desert Storm, I was in limbo staying with family and had another baby, at this point he was making a tiny bit more money. We had VERY limited contact while he was downrange, as there wasn't  the technology there is today. Fast forward many years and more deployments to today.. My husband is an E8 with 24 years in (pretty normal in his MOS, unlike the 10 years you put in your article... Anyway, last week was the last college class he will take until we can figure out how to budget it so he can finish his 2nd degree, which BTW, he is just  nearly there, but with the suspension of Tuition assistance, who knows when he will get to finish really. It's a shame that one of his lavish benefits is non exsistant currently, I mean, he has only proudly served this country, sacrificed family time for it, missed out on births (yes, I said births) to help this country and he continues to make family sacrifices for the Military and the country as do we by supporting him and making sure he knows that we understand and support him. He could just say ahh, soldiers can take care of themselves, no sweat off my back-I am getting paid regardless, but he doesn't, he goes in and does an exceptional job in taking care of them and our community. All he asks for in return is the respect from his country and to be treated fairly by this government and it's people. He pays taxes, LORD do we pay taxes for what? To support some that are on welfare as a job? But he can't finish his degree and now by your article you make it sound like we are lavish and wasteful. Did you know that housing allowance is based on rank and zip code and that it fluctuates year to year and sometimes even goes down? I didn't notice that in your article. I also didnt notice you mention that our commissaries buy at cost and sell that way and charge a surcharge to cover pay, and other expenses and that the people that bag our groceries don't even get a wage, they earn tips-Most of whom are retirees or students trying to supplement their "Lavish" income.  There is NOTHING lavish about my life and the lives of other military families. It isn't lavish to wipe the tears of your child saying goodbye to their parent for a year, or listening to a 17 year old son cry himself to sleep because he just misses his dad or being a "single" parent cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night because not 1, 2 or 3 but 6 kids have the stomach flu and I am here with them alone, it is not lavish to figure out your budget so that you make sure there is enough for yearbooks, sports, clothes and food so that your soldier isn't worried about you while he/she is downrange. It isn't lavish to wait 2-3 weeks for a medical appt, or wait 2.5 hours for prescriptions to be filled. Military and their families deserve to be taken care of, there is nothing lavish about that.

I wish the Author would have actually interviewed several military families to see and hear their individual stories. There are people who join later in life and give up very lucrative careers to serve this country and there are kids who join because they are promised a better life, a life that will give them goals and a future and an education, but why should they join now? We have military members downrange, having to buy some of their own equipment, paying for part of their meals-so that "exta" deployment money isn't even an extra amount of money for them and their families anymore. The good thing about Service Members and their families is they will keep their heads held high and bounce back after all of these cuts to our lives.. I do however wish that those that keep cutting our budgets, try and cut theirs as well. Congress cannot continue to live THEIR Lavish lifestyles while the rest of the country has to make sacrifies and tighten their belts-Its not fair. They work for us as a country and when people slack, they get fired.. So maybe next election the votes will clean it out..


  1. all I can think of to say is that I LOVE YOU MARY! That article ticked off MANY MANY MANY people.

  2. Our 'lavish' life meant living in condemned quarters for over a year waiting for new quarters.

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself! Way to go!

  4. I'm not in a military family, but this new "budget cut" truly makes me angry. I live in a military town and have some members of my distant family who have served. I see how much their families have gone through throughout the years and now not being able to afford college classes and having to pay (don't quote me here) 25% of the medical bills is outrageous. These men and women lay down their lives to serve our country, and in some cases put their own families second to protect our own. It's just sad that they cannot continue to have the benefits they deserve. I truly hope this can be and will be changed soon.

  5. The article did nothing to mention the DC economy is booming, why because politicians have not been hit with pay cuts, higher taxes and increased cost of living.
    Nor did it mention we were below the average economy pay by 18% in 2001 and then rose 20% to what it is now, with inflation raising about 10%. So yes, we did increase our income by 20%, but that was just to catch us up with the civilian economy.
    Heck, the last time I deployed, I took a pay cut because I couldn't have a part time job anymore.
    Patrick Kelly