Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet boy

Seven years ago a little man blessed our lives. Roman was the last chapter in our family. The final bambino! It was very bittersweet to know he was the last one. 6 amazing pregnancies, so very blessed and that would be coming to an end, it made me very sad, but his being in our lives made me super happy. Romans birth was typical and pretty normal, not too fast and not too quick, he would be the only birth I had an epidural with-AMAZING, LOL Weird, but amazing. At the time he had some complications after birth, toxic level of bilirubin, possible blindness, a few markers of DS and some muscle issues, but he came through all of it like a champ-Or so we thought. Little did we know at the time that some of these issues wouldn't come into fruition until he was around the age of 5-6 and they came with a vengeance.. Vision, minor brain damage and with that came dysagraphia, SPD and anxiety. These are all things we have been recently dealing with and while they can and do pose a challenge to every member of this house, he is still very loved and a blessing to us. He has made us become even MORE patient and to learn some different parenting tools. He is an amazing little man though and we love and adore him each and every day..

Dear Roman,
You are seven today!!!! Yay 7!!!! At the age of 7 you have an extrememly high IQ, you can read and write, ride a 2 wheeler and skateboard like a pro! I love coming home from work and snuggling with you and listening to you talk about what you liked and didn't like at school. I love that you are such a protector of your big brother Dominic and keep him safeguarded from all egg products. I love that you love bacon and think I make the best pancakes and oatmeal. I love your dumb jokes and your eskimo kisses. I love that you are so strong and brave. This year has been a journey for you and I know you hate having meltdowns and fight them so hard.. Somedays they just get the best of us. I know as you get older it will become less of a struggle for you, as you are learning how to cope with these things. My wishes and hopes for you and your future are for you to be happy and loving and do what you enjoy. I think you will make an excellent chef one day and cant wait to eat at your restaurant. Thank you for keeping us on our toes and for the challenge, LOL.. I love you so much, sweet baby boy.. Happy Birthday!!!

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