Friday, February 18, 2011

Just a brag on my man :)

I got this email from a former soldier of his. She was and is a fabulous women, no longer a soldier but carries what she learned into her civilian life. I remember about 3 nights before they were to deploy in 2003, we had the platoon over for dinner and her mom had called her cell phone and asked to speak with my husband.. THis was her baby and she wanted to make a connection with him, so she knew who would be leading her baby girl into war. SHE did a phenominal job and we are proud of Lacey. Anyway, I like to think Sal is the best, LOL as do all spouses want to think that, but when you get letters from soldiers who you havnt seen in 6 years, about your husband, it makes you stand a little prouder of him than I could already be..

Here goes-

Hi Mary. Not sure if you remember me, but mSG. Urzi was my squad leader when I deployed with him to Iraq in 2003. I don't have his e-mail address so I hope you don't mind that I have forwarded this message to you.

I learned on Wednesday that I was going to be promoted - I am currently a Deputy Sheriff for the Parole and Probation Division for Marion County. In my interview for this process, I was asked how I had developed my leadership skills and what a leader was to me. I want msg. Urzi to know that I literally was thinking of him when I answered the questions...someone who leads by example, someone who if fair, firm, and consistent, someone who takes cares of soldiers (or deputies - same thing:), someone that makes you want to work for them, and someone who embodies respect, selfless service, loyalty, duty, honor, integrity, and more.

I am not sure that I ever told msg. Urzi "thank you" enough for having my back and bringing me home safely. I want to tell him now. I will try to thank him by taking care of my deputies. I am grateful to have him as my teacher of leadership. I know he will probably think this e-mail sounds too cheesy and he's going to play off what he has meant to so many people, but I still want him to know anyway.


  1. What an awsome thing to have someone send to you. I would be proud too..... It sounds that you are a very lucky person to have found such a strong leader to lea your home and others as he must also be lucky to have a strong wife that waits for him at home, preparing for his next arrival.

  2. Have you heard of the millitary mother who got suspended for talking to her son? All should help fight this. I posted it on both my blogs.