Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mucho Pain!

Ugg!! 2 days ago, I woke up with SEVERE back pain, like cant walk and stand upright kind of pain.. Today, I couldnt stand it and for those that know me, I REFUSE to go to DRs! So, I called and they got me right in. It could be a couple of things, 1 being arthritis and the other a bulging disc-both suck ass! They sent me in for xrays and since I just turned 40, also put me in for a baseline mamogram(not looking forward to that at all, but it must be done) They also got me an appt with physical therapy for my back and that is for tomorrow-YAY! I feel tres miserables! I dont like pain ,but have a high threshold for it, but this is just horrible! I have tried, wet heat, heat, soaking, shower, massage, stretching, walking, sitting, laying, ANYTHING short of jumping off the roof (but if I knew for sure that would stop the pain, id probably do it) I have to brag a wee bit about our 17 year old.. Today Sal had him stay home with me to take care of me and let me tell you, he did a FABOOSH job.. He took really good care of his baby brother, cleaned 2 of the bathrooms, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, tidy'd up the Arctic room and anything else that needed to be done.. LOVE YOU ANTHONY! So Sal and the little boys are down in the Urzi and sons gym! Sal and Tony have been building up quite a nice gym in the basement. We are on our mission to get fit.. again, LOL.. We get so busy with other things, we tend to put off eating as healthy as we should and working out, so we bought a very nice weight bench and weights and a uber awesome treadmill :) So, I have to take it easy for a couple of days(twist my arm, LOL) I can't wait to feel better though, I need to get some spring cleaning going on!!!!
On a mucho happier note... Today is the 3rd anniversary of our daughter Ashlee and her husband, Blake!! Congrats you 2... Mom and Dad are BEYOND proud of you both.. You are working very hard at being not only a wonderful example to other young military couples, but a good example to your daughter. Your love for each other shines through your faces... Love you both!

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