Friday, February 4, 2011

T-Minus 2 days and a wake up

Until I am the BIG FOUR TO THE HELL-0!!!!! Weird, since I dont feel ancient.. I really don't, well my bones and joints do-but in my head and heart, I definately dont feel "ancient" Dom asked me the other day how old I will be and I asked him how old he THINKS I am.. He said 23-umm yeah, we will go with that.. I told him, no, mama is going to be 40!! He scrunched up his face and said "Oh".. As if to say, Oh wow, I didnt know people could live that long, or, Oh, Ohh, im sorry, will you be dying soon? LOL.. Anyway, it is what it is.. i'll be 40, not a big deal.. RIGHT?? RIGHT??? (testing, testing, is this thing on?) 40 years has been good to me. Ive had some sad times to appreciate the happy times, ive been glad, mad, in love, out of love, not married, married, no kids, then 6 kids, and grandkids. Sal has taken me to live all over the world and ive seen and met some wonderful and not so wonderful people. Im actually for the most part extrememly happy with my life (trying to weed out the people in my life that cause undo hardships) Ive cried, laughed, lost a father, informed I had a brother and another sister. Ive been furious, insane, watched my love go off to war multiple times, but also witnessed him coming back home. Ive met amazing people over the years, I have a super husband, sister and sister from another mister, sister in law, nieces, nephews, brothers in law and children and grandkids to entertain me and to love and be loved by.. Sure, there are regrets and things I wished to have done much earlier in life and im currently trying to get over some of those things, LOL.. I hope I live at least 40 more, maybe one day even see great grandkids. So, 40 isnt going to be TOOOO terrible, right? With the right makeup and lighting, im hoping I can pass for 30 for a few more years.. Hmm, I should research which public places I go to and make sure they have the right lighting, haha. Smooches..

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  1. you look FABULOUS! I remember 40 (a few years ago) and it didn't bother me nearly as much as 30. I think in my 40s, I am finally comfortable with me. I'm not as fit as I used to be, my skin isn't as smooth, my hands look a little older, but I have a wonderful life, kids who are doing well, and a husband that loves me more than anything.
    We are blessed, girlfriend, and 40 is fabulous :)