Thursday, February 10, 2011

You want the truth Part 2

I forgot to mention all the fun rights of passage you will miss out on when you make a choice to be a young teen parent..
I didnt get to go to my sr prom. I could have gone, but Sal was in basic training and I was due any moment.. I didnt get to partake in Sr Ditch day or the Sr Class trip, or walking down the aisle with my friends on graduation day.. Want to know what I was doing that day? Learning what dialation meant and learning that LUKE AFB didnt do epidurals for vaginal births(DIDNT LIKE LEARNING THAT ONE) I also learned that having a baby wasnt glamourous like on tv. My make up wasnt fresh, I looked like hell warmed over.. We didnt have the money then to make a beautiful nursery for our sweet baby. We had hand me downs of EVERYTHING.. I did splurge on a carseat and stroller(the stroller wasnt really a splurge, but it wasnt used) I also realized that babies require LOTS of diapers!!! I also realized really quickly how to use cloth diapers and that its NO fun carrying a bucket of gross cloth diapers to the laundry mat... I learned how to creatively budget and not always eat the HEALTHIEST of meals but we had full tummies at the end of the night. Also, did you know that toothpaste, toilet paper and paper towels don't magicially appear like in mommy and daddys' house??? (they dont!, they really dont!) Now, is being a teen married couple and parents all horrible? NO! Do "adult" married couples struggle? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! BUT like any marriage and parental responsibility, it comes with ALOT of hard work.. Are you ready to clean hotel rooms for extra money??? I did it in Germany the 1st time we lived there... NOT FUN!!! The 1st time we were in Germany, my friend Jen and I both worked 2 jobs.. We were housekeepers at the marriott in Frankfurt Germany and we worked at a video store(she too was a young army spouse) Point is, yes there can and will be success stories(I like to think Sal and I are one of them) BUT the reality of it is, it isnt always successful, more times than not-it isnt.. Are you ready to stay up all night long with a teething or colicy bebe? Are you ready to not take vacations, or buy the latest trendy clothing? Are you ready to NOT be able to afford medicines and vaccines for your child(ren)? Wait, there is nothing wrong with waiting.. If he loves you for you, he will wait too.. If he or she isnt willing to wait then let them loose.... Its okay to stand your ground and say, im waiting until I am really ready for a baby.. I love our children and greatful that I had a man who was willing to climb that mountain with me and carry me when I needed it and Me, for him.. Enjoy these years.. Dont try and grow up too fast...

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. ~Chili Davis

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