Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day!!!

Today is Fathers Day. Its bitter sweet for me. Bitter, because my daddy is no longer here and I do miss him terribly. Fathers days are "eh" for me. I just try and stay busy. Now my childrens father and the love of my life-Well he DEFINATELY needs to be celebrated because he pretty much rocks! I do INDEED know how lucky I am to have him in my life. For instance today is HIS day, he could sit and do nothing all day if he chooses, but do you know what he did? He detailed my car, filled the gas, played with the boys, sanded down some wood furniture for me, BBQd our dinner and just took the boys to the park! He is just awesome.

He has always taken his fatherly duties seriously and with everything he does, gives it 150%.. I truly am greatful he is in our lives.

Dear sweetest man on the planet,
SMOOCHES and I love you. I am choked up just doing this blog because you bring me tears of joy just at the memories of the past 23 years of you being our childrens' father. Here are some reasons WHY I think you are a great father:
*You put our marriage first
*You love unconditionally but have HIGH expectations for them
*I've watched you teach a son to parralell park in the pouring rain
*I've watched you give a daughter away to her love of her life
*I've seen you weep when they haven't always done the right thing
*I witnessed you sending off a "child" to war
*You have shown our sons what kind of men they SHOULD be
*You have given our daughters VERY high expectations of whom they should love
*You've held my hand when we nearly lost a child
*You have had to wipe my eyes and held me when I was nearly at a breaking point
*You made a corsage for our daughter when I was out of town
*You change diapers!!!
*You are the BEST monster to 2 little boys
*You make our kids laugh
*You are firm when you need to be and soft as its needed
*You embrace our childrens' individuality
*You talked a son through pitching a tent via phone
*Even though you "act" like they are financially sucking you dry, You still help them when needed
*You buy them gifts and "blame" it on me
*You clogging at Ashlees wedding to make her smile

 There are SO many more things that you do that I appreciate, but you get the idea. Thanks for being a SUPER daddy to our kids. Thank you for being a wonderful "Boss" as well, our grandkids LOVE you always and forever......