Monday, February 27, 2012

Reasons to fear retirement..

So, retirement is coming very soon-2014 time frame to be exact. I AM SCURRED.. Why? Because currently we live in the most secure gated community we could ever live in, when we are, as our son calls them-"Regular People", we will have to live without weapon carrying guards at our gate, regular patrols through our neighborhoods and a world that while has crime at times, is still SUPER safe. Im scared to live with regular people, what if I dont like them? What if they irritate me? Im my current world if I don't like someone, I know in a couple of years one of us will move, OR if they are REALLY horrible, their leadership can step in and make them behave, or attempt anyway. Its scary. Our babies will be going to school with mostly non military children-we havn't ever dealt with that. Im not sure how easy it will be for me to be planted in 1 spot forever. Now I get very itchy to move every few years and wonderfully, the Army is great for that-haha. Im excited too, it will be nice to be settled, nice to plant some roots and most importantly, no more deployments-That excites me the most, I won't lie. I hope the civilian world is ready for Mary....

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  1. Mary, I could've written this myself a few years ago. It is definitely an adjustment to be in the civilian world, especially if you're away from all the military perks and the military mindset that you're used to, like we are. People don't understand what your life has been like - good and bad. They don't have the same disciplined life we're used to. It's hard sometime, but you just have to remind yourself - how could they? But it will be ok! Just make sure you get all your "ducks in a row" before retirement and it will be ok!