Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a week!

Hello my dolls! I've been gone much too long! So this has been a crazy week for me, has it been that way with you? So, lets catch up. The 7th was my bday and I turned 41, thought it would be hard but it actually wasn't hard at all. I feel the same as 40 and really even the same as 29. My co workers-who are AWESOME, decorated my office and had me all kinds of wonderful socks and gifts of pink, they also treated me to Glacier Brew House for lunch and yummo chocolate cake, it was a wonderful day of work. My family spoiled me with goodies as well. All in all it was wonderful. The 13th came and went and that is the anniversary of my fathers death. That is always sad, no way around that at all-but it is what it is and I know he is proud of us and misses us just as much as we miss him. Valentines day was yesterday, which is also our wedding anniversary and we celebrated 23 years of marriage, 23 years of military marriage at that, LOL. So I want to take this moment to tell my love what he means to me.
Wow!!! 23 years, can you believe it? It really seems like only yesterday that we said "I do" What a whirlwind of a life we have had. We went into this life together with such hope and dreams and plans, its been great figuring this all out with you. I love that I can ALWAYS count on you. I'm glad you are my partner in crime. You make me laugh and cry and everything in between. I know I at times make you crazy like when I leave the butter out and I know you LOVE my iphone and the fun candid shots I post on facebook :) Thank you for being the BEST dad I know. It isnt ever hard being a father, but to 6 kids is just WACKADOODLE, you make it seem effortless though. I love that our kids see your sweet and sensitive side and know how a MAN should treat a lady. Im also greatful that you are such a hard worker and have sacrificed sooo much for our family, this country and the Army. You set such a wonderful example.. I love you. I love that I get to see the softer side of MSG URZI, I have seen you cry with the births of our babies and when you have walked a daughter down the aisle. Ive seen you walk away with tears as you said goodbye to them for deployments. You amaze me every day of my life.. Thanks for this journey.. I love you

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  1. What a week is right! Happy Birthday and Anniversary. (Ok, I'm a little late here) Love the office. Fabulous co-workers take the "work" out of going to work!!