Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Dad

Hi dad,

Its me again. Today is your birthday, in earthly years you would be 63!! You left too soon 38 is too young. I miss you and just want you back. I want you to be here with us and watch the kids grow up and do funny things. I want you to open your wallet and have oodles of grandkid pics falling out. I want to listen to your laugh and listen to your stories of when you were a kid and I just want you here. Today, if you were here, I would imagine we would have a nice BBQ meal and angel food cake for your bday cake. I wonder what you would be like now-I am sure you would be just as funny and wise, maybe just a little grayer. I just miss your face. I hope you watch down on us and are happy with our lives.  Love you daddy!!!

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