Friday, October 19, 2012

Did I shave my legs for this?

No, I didn't fall off the planet, just been busy with life and all things that it brings. Since I last blogged we have had a new grandson enter our world, a son celebrated his 19th birthday, Cassidy moved back home for the semester, my sister had heart situation and I believe that is it. Whew, life...gotta love it.. My sister is doing better, thanks to prayers.

 So I have been pondering what I would be blogging about and with all the recent redeployments and deployments going on where we are, I thought that possibly a brush up in what to expect when you're "expecting" a deployment or redeployment. (A redeployment is when the military members return home)

 So, when a soldier returns home it IS indeed a wonderful thing. We get in our best outfits, primp, shave, highlight, lowlight, tweeze, pluck and wax. We find the cutest patriotic outfits for our babies, prep the house, etc... We arrive HOURS before the planes and busses and wait....and wait...and wait-Then its time and a sea of troops march in, just like in the movies! Our hearts race and while the command is speaking, we just want them to shut up so we can love on our soldier!!! What is really a 5 min speech, feels like hours. Then it comes-They get released and its like a sea of crazy! Swarms of families, crying, laughing, searching, hugging. Daddy's meeting new children, mommy's reacquainting with their children, new loves and old loves reuniting, its a beautiful and tremendous sight.... And then we drive home.

Coming home and getting back into your family life can be hard. When a soldier returns they don't get a few weeks off, they litterly go back to work for reintegration just hours upon returning home, that can be hard for us to handle, we just want all that time for us, the Army has had them for a year, we want our time, BUT we have to realize that this is part of return process and there are reasons and a method to this madness. We as spouses NEED to be patient and instead of having a fit and causing more stress upon the entire situation, calmly vent with your battle buddy (I can assure you they are probably going through the same thing or have gone through it.) Remember that our soldiers have to decompress and adjust to being home from a combat zone-They do not however need a new combat zone to battle) Is it hard to not scream, "I WANT YOU ALL TO MYSELF!!!!!"? ABSOFREAKINGLOUTELY! But it will only add to the stress of it all. Its a transition to merge back as a family, but we ALL have to pitch in and be understanding of each other. This is going to take time. If my husband wants to sleep for 36 hours will it irritate me? Sure, piss me off even, BUT its what he needs. Merging families with children also has its quirks and hills to climb. For a year you have been mommy AND daddy and your system of things is what worked while he/she was gone, well they are back now and need to have a say as well. Be supportive of each other during this transition, if he/she didn't handle something how you would have, talk to them when you are alone and figure it out then. Kids need a united front and need to see how to handle all of this too.
My point to all of this is to not expect things to be perfect and how it looks on TV. There is NO normal in this, only what is right for you, your soldier and your family. Some families have no issues at all and it feels as if the service member never left, others have a lot of issues, neither is right or wrong, it just is what it is.

To my friends who have recently welcomed their soldier home, "woohoo!" you did it, you ran the marathon and did just fine!!! To my friends who are just now begining the marathon-You can and will do it. You are strong and brave and loving..

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