Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next up is...

Our daughter Cassidy.. She had a rough start into this world, but like a true miltary brat, she came, she saw, she conquered. Cassidy was born in Germany and is our 3rd bebe. She was a very happy and easy going baby. She was also the only ginger baby we have, LOL.. Id have to say that while MOST of our children are very loyal, Cass has got to be the most loyal to the people she loves. Even when people arent so wonderful to her at times. She maintains that loyalty. Its something I am so proud of her about. She also, like Tony is one that defends the "little guy". Cassidy is a tough little witchy poo too, which is funny to see. We always worried about her because she was always soo tiny! People always wanted to pick her up and baby her, me included.. Its been hard to let her grow up. During deployments Cassidy makes sure I keep it real, and by real I mean she makes sure we do the normal and regular things that we would do even while Sal is not home. She also has a potty mouth like me, she is a good blend of Sal and I.

Cassidy is now on her own and going to college. Its weird to think that our little baby girl is making her own way in life. She has a wonderful girlfriend, Katy and they are very happy and work hard at everything they do. We are just very proud of who she is. Despite the struggles sometimes of life, she plugs along. I am quite sure part of who she has become is because of being an Army Brat.. Strong, loyal, independant, compassionate and brave.


Daddy and I are so proud of the woman you have become. You are such a bright light in our lives. The big sister to Tony, Dom and Rome is AMAZING! The love you give to your sister, Ashlee, is beautful. Its been fun watching you and ashlee have an adult relationship as sisters. Makes my heart pitty pat. This last few years have been emotionally taxing on ALL of us, for many reasons, but you keep us laughing and reminiding me that things will be okay. I know when I am no longer in this world that your siblings will have you as a rock and a reminder of how "we do" in this family. I love when you call to tell us the DUMBEST jokes and when you call me at work, the same time each day to ask me what I am doing, LOL.. You my sweet baby girl put a smile on my face. Stay true to yourself and never change. I love, Love, Love you!!!!!

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