Friday, April 27, 2012

Our first baby girl..

So, I've made it to our 2nd child and our 1st daughter. WOW, she is 21-ALMOST 22 and I cannot believe that! Im not sure where the time has gone but WOWZA! So, Ashlee was born at Ft Belvoir, Va in 1990. She arrived late (should have known from that moment that ANYTHING involving Ashlee, was going to be on HER time..) So, Ashlee was born on Fathers day that year and she was the 1st of our 6 kids that had daddy there to watch her enter the world. Ashlee was born looking like she wanted to cut someone and HOW DARE WE DISTURB HER! HMMPH! I kid-only slightly. While she was a VERY stubborn child, she was always very entertaining and loving. Ashlee was only 6 weeks old when daddy PCSd to Germany. We had originally thought we would arrive in Germany shortly thereafter... A crazy by the name of Saddam Hussein, would change that scenario. Desert Shield and Desert Storm began. Here I was in Az waiting to move to Germany, living out of my suitcases with family, going from home to home. It was a very stressful time for us, but the babies kept me solid. When Ashlee was almost a year old, she got to get to know her daddy when he returned home. Like most military brats, she was NOT sure about this new stranger who only wanted to love and hold her. Her expression was "Bitch please". Eventually daddy won her over and all was well in the world. Ashlee, as I said earlier was really a butthead-ALOT, she loved to test me. She eventually turned 17 and moved away to live on her own. She learned it wasn't as easy as she had thought but she made her way. She and her childhood sweetheart, Blake, got married and started THEIR military life together. She is now an Army wife, daughter and sister and a mom, college graduate and working woman. She has become such a great woman. You won't ever meet anyone more protective of her family than Ashlee. Its a beautiful trait. I do recall in one of her infamous fits, he quote of the fit was "weave my woan"-translated, it means leave me alone.. She said that ALOT, LOL We still use that saying around the house..


WOW, you are a mother and wife now! Daddy and I are so very proud of the woman you have become. You put your husband and daughter first and always want to do right by them. Its a beautiful quality. Watching you become a mother has been amazing. The love you shower on Kaydence is so wonderful to watch. You and Blake lead her by example and that, you should be proud of. I love watching you become an amazing woman and I want you to know how much we love you and how much you mean to us... Always stay true...I'm so proud of the big sissy you have become. You always think about them and want to help them or protect them with passion. It says ALOT about who you are..

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