Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last but not least.

Its overly emotional to write about our 1st born. Our 1st brat, our 1st everything. Nicholas was always such a good baby and boy. Very easy to parent for most of his growing up. Teachers used to always say that Nicholas was the All American Kid.. Handsome, smart, charming, polite. He made us very proud, always. Nicholas like most brats did not like deployments. He used to have a hard time talking to Sal on the phone while Sal was deployed. He was overcome with emotion and just physically couldnt talk. He would just tearfully nod his head and run off-even as a teenager.Nicholas, joined the Army during his SR year, we were so proud of his decision. He would soon have a son of his own to take care of and he was ready to become a soldier. Not just ANY soldier, but an MP-Son of an MP. He was entering his fathers world in every aspect and God help him. Some of his Drill Sergeants have known him since he was a child so basic and ait were about to become a challenge. Sal was fortunate in being an instructor at the MP school house and was able to peek in on Nicholas and have a vantage point that MOST parents do not get. With that, we also endured saying goodbye to our 1st born when he deployed for the 1st time. Sal had a horrible time with saying goodbye. The tears just couldnt and wouldnt stop. I was asked every few hours by Sal, "When is he going to call?", "Where do you think he is?", "Do you think he is okay?" Sal also stated that being a soldier was EASY compared to being a spouse or child or parent of a soldier. He said it made his sick at the thought. It broke his heart that he wouldn't be there to protect him-something that we as his parents had done for 18 years. Nicholas came home safe and in 1 piece, only to have to deploy again soon after. UGH.. Nicholas is now a parent of his own and he and his wife Meagan are expecting their 2nd child. Nicholas will have 3 kiddos soon, Dominic, Nicholas and the new baby that is unamed at the moment. While Nicholas is not part of our daily lives any longer, he is missed and loved just the same. We are proud of his call to duty and his love of his country.

Nicholas, almost 23 years ago I was an 18 year old girl missing your dad while he was away at basic training. I had you by myself and he missed one of the most amazing things that would happen in our lives. No matter where you go in life or the choices you make, we will always love you very much. The last several years have been some of the hardest in our lives for so many reasons. Thank you for giving us 3 beautiful grandchildren. I hope you cherish EACH and every moment with them because its really a flash of time before they are gone. Good luck in all the things that you do and remember to ALWAYS be your best as a husband, father, brother and son.. Your family is something that should never be taken for granted.

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