Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Military Spouse Day!

Ladies and Gents!

Today is Military Spouse Day!! A day that people can verbalize their appreciation for military spouses. Military spouses are the silent ranks, which means that while "WE" don't "serve", we do indeed have a place in the military bubble. Our place is to provide stability to our soldier and our family. It isn't always easy, but it is something that indeed MUST BE DONE. I can only speak for myself, but I also like to play the role of the opposing opinion to Sal. I usually agree with his vent or topic of discussion, but I like to provide another view, LOL. He says I am playing Jedi Mind Games when I do that, muhaha!

What is a military spouse to me? A military spouse has different roles, depending on the person. Some spouses relish in the "being active on post" role, while others prefer not to be involved. Do NOT confuse lack of involvement with not supporting their soldier. We all have different personalities and comfort zones. For me, I am a pretty open book with most people. And if you ask me a question, I'll give you an honest answer. I wasn't always that way. When Sal first joined the Army there were NO FRGs yet and we weren't authorized housing yet because he was only an E1, so I wasn't even living around military spouses in our apt complex. It was new to me and I muddled through and read books about being a spouse LOL.. Nothing I learned or read about in books was really prepatory for my military spouse life. It was a road of live and learn. Not until we went to Giessen Germany did I really ever have a mentor-Then I had several!! I had Lana, Kristy, Lisa, Michele and Melissa. A great group of ladies who REALLY showed me everything wonderful about being an Army Spouse. They are still in my life and I love them like family. My payback to them have been to try and always be a good Army Spouse role model and mentor. My honesty and realistic approach can come off harsh, but it is what it is-I'm not one to sugarcoat things and I think MOST spouses want to hear the truth, as harsh as it may be at times.

Military spouses endure alot! Being alone, making decisions big and small at the drop of a hat, Mom, Dad, Jury, Judge, friend, foe, Nurse, hugger, kisser of booboos, disciplinarian, baker, chef, housekeeper, butt wiper, shoulder to cry on, gardner-I could go on but you get my gist. We also sit at night, in the calm and cry and think about our soldier.. What is he/she doing? What is she/he seeing? We also think and cry about having to wake up the next day and be everything to everyone. We all get to the point of "really? This has to happen again tomorrow? Can't I have a break?"  At times, we even get irritated with our soldiers down range because they aren't here taking up some slack-It may sound wrong, but it's true... It is what it is.

Military Spouses also endure some amazing things- I have helped spouses give birth and watched these amazing brats come into the world! I've watched my fellow spouses of all faiths sit with me and cheer on my children as they have made their first communions and confirmations. They were the family for our kids-we are the family for each other-Good, bad or otherwise. I have also been very blessed to be at the homecomings taking pics for friends and spouses to catch a glimpse of the love and affection that goes on after not seeing each other for a year. I have also been the reciever of a homecoming and watched my sweet love, get off that plane or bus and run into the arms of 6 kids and me. I love watching all the kids talk to him at once, sharing their whole year with them at the same time and in the matter of 20 seconds. I love seeing his face during that time-Total Bliss and happiness.

Each wonderful military spouse has their own story and path. If you know or see a military spouse-tell them "good job'! If she is walking through the airport with 6 kids, 12 pieces of luggage and a frazzled look on her face, Don't be upset if I don't wave back, LOL...

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