Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enough with the Pajamas!

SHEEZ people.. Pajamas arent cute when worn out in public.. They just arent.. Yesterday I watched a dad at the school walk his kiddo into school wearing pjs and thought hmmmm, MAYBE im just a bitch and maybe people wake up in a hurry and are just running late.. I came home and did a test.. I wanted to see if it took longer to put on a pair of jeans or pjs.. Took the same time.. Sure, in the morning when I wake up, I dont FEEL like getting all dolled up to get Dominic off to school, but Hell to the NO will I wear jammies to drop him off, OR wear jammies ANYWHERE in public..Sidenote, I have SUPER cute jammies too, but umm.. no.. In the morning I get dressed, put my hair up, wash my face, brush my teeth, get 2 boys ready(Tony gets himself ready and off to school-he is 17 LOL) fed,lunch made, truck started, back pack ready and do just fine.. I think our society has become TOO casual and laid back.. I think im just old fashioned in that I like to look good when I walk out my door, I like to look presentable. I like getting dolled up, hair, make up, clothes, shoes. Now, when im in the house, I like to hang out in my yoga pants and a tshirt, but it doesnt walk out of the house LMAO..

I am SUPER appalled by the new item called PAJAMA JEANS!! REALLY???? Why dont we just have coffee tables made into a microwave and fridge, shave our heads so we dont have to do our hair, have programable recliner chairs that also double as indoor plumbing.. Sheesh.. We are lazy people...

Okay, off my soap box LOL

Things are good here. Weather is odd and im drooling for some snow. For Petes Sake, its Alaska and JANUARY!!! Bring it on!


  1. Well the coffee table sounds like a decent idea but I do hate PJ's in public.=)

  2. were you watching me this morning or what? ok, so yes, I did drive the kids to school this morning (half asleep) in my thermal jammies with my jacket and hat on, but in my defense I did not ever leave the car except to run back into the house hoping no one saw me....:) it wont happen again....i hope!

  3. LMAO-Ronni, if you stayed int he car you are excempt LMAO LOVE YOU

  4. LOL...I thought the pajama jeans looked interesting. The girls in the commercial were like a size 2 and all dolled up though...wonder how they would look on the rest of us?

    Ohh...the pajama thing reminds me of when I used to drive Matt to work every morning at 5:45. It was not even light out, and I never got dressed for that since it was just a drop off. Well, one day there was a bomb threat while I was on base and I got stuck there in my pajamas until 11am. And I met a bunch of people from his unit...classy!