Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Really, Mary???

The child, who wants to grow up!
So this morning started off with Roman in our bed (this has been his new place to sleep du jour, he only comes in at 5am, LOL and zonks back out) so, we have a cali king bed and he managed to take over MOST of it and ended up with his legs across my head!!! Anyhooo, at 0745 We woke up, got dressed and I was right on schedule for breakfast and lunch making at 0805. Got snow gear on for the boys, pulled the truck into the garage to get it warmed up and started our way to take Dom to school. We pull up and he said "mom, I want to walk myself to to the line" I replied " really? by yourself? Are you SuUUURE? All alone? Do you know where to line up?" He said "yes, mama. I will be okay, im big now.. Ill be 6, in 4 days mama" So, I got him out of the truck and stood there watching him walk to his line, watched his teacher come out (you didnt think id just drop him off and leave did you?" LOL.. I got back in the truck and bawled my eyes out.. Today he wants to walk himself to his line and tomorrow he is going to come and tell us he is going off to the peace corps or college, or wherever... WHY must they grow up??? I really dont like it, nope, not one bit.. I have said a million times that I would LOVE for my kids to live with us forever-I mean it, LOL.. I do at times, wish they would grow up faster and get the heck out on their own, but- I DON'T REALLY MEAN IT!! Alas, I know I cannot stop the inevitable, but man that was hard and I pride myself on being a hard ass(not litterly, figurativly, of course)

So, today Roman and I are hunkered down in the house.. My precious baby Roman, who will never grow up and want to walk himself to class... Roman-don't tell the others, but you are in the lead for being the favorite!!! LMAO

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  1. Aww...I forgot that he and Beth almost share a birthday. She will be six next Friday, I just can't believe it. She started kindergarten this week and I have been letting her ride the bus. It made me laugh because my mom and grandma called all concerned...the wanted to make sure the bus dropped her off right in front of the house, that I was out waiting for her, etc. Of course I rode the bus when I was in kindergarten...and walked a block home from the bus stop, lol. Anyway, Beth is fearless and happily bounds on and off that bus everyday.