Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random 1

So, I was clicking away randomly with the remote and I stumbled on a tv series called RANDOM 1.. Its a show about a group of people, I think 5 of them. Anyway, they drive around and meet people and try to help them help themselves. Tonight they helped a man get into detox. The man was living in a tent, had lost his business and was an alchoholic. He took the challenge and went into a 7 day detox and then to a long term facility.. They called around looking for clothing donations, haircuts, etc.. The barber that they called thought it was some kind of joke and when they asked why, he stated that he is 27 years sober. Well they took the man to the barber and what transpired was soo emotional. The Barber had conversations with the guy and told him he had lost a million dollars while a drunk, lost everything, but with hard work and AA, he gained it back and told him to attend AA meetings DAILY and to do the steps. As the homeless man was leaving, the barber became soo emotionaly over this and just wept. He told the man to stop in anytime and he would be there to help him stay sober. I was just touched by the random acts of strangers and FIRMLY believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason and puts US in peoples lives. Its up t us to accept it and learn from the people we meet. We also have to trust and help take care of people and help them figure things out sometimes. It indeed takes a village. Can you imagine what a world we would live in, if we just helped each other out? Im going to try and do more. Our community here in Alaska is shockingly full of homeless people.. Can you imagine not only being homeless but homeless in Alaska? I freeze walking from my car to the store. I can walk right into my kitchen and eat whatever id like. I cant imagine not having that "luxury" And yes, I know, I know-People have choices and some choose drugs and alchohol over anything else.. They need help too, but not everyone out there is homeless for that reason. I want to better myself by a little less judging and alot more loving...

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  1. Amen Sister! Jesus changed everything and the thing He asked us to do most--above all else--was to LOVE! Love Him, Love one another, Love ourselves....love--real love, true love--changes lives! ~~ Love you