Thursday, January 27, 2011

That 1%

So, today I watched Oprah, yeah I had to watch it in parts so I wouldnt flood the house with my tears and freak out 2 little boys.. It was about soldiers and their families.. She stated the same thing I YELL from the rooftops all the time and that is : YES PEOPLE WE ARE AT WAR!!!!! Everyone on her show had wonderful things to say about the most wonderful people I know-Military families and soldiers. I blog about them both alot so pardon me if I sound repetitive.. Yes, military families carry a HUGE burdon and live such a different life than most people. Like Mrs. Obama said, " we all think we have a rough time of juggling careers, kids, family, etc- We have nothing on a military family" We DO have the added stress of being a single parent, listening to children (young and old) cry themselves to sleep because they miss their parent, holding our breath everytime a newsbreak comes on, holding our breath when we see a GOV(govt operated vehicle) drive down a street, or heartsick when we get a call from our soldier and it starts out by them saying "Hey, Im okay, BUT...." Its hard and we all handle it differently which at times causes quite a drama amongst spouses online, LOL. What works for me wont always work for you. I like being a realist. I know that when Sal, Nick or Blake deploy there might be a chance that we wont ever see one of them again, its fact, BUT I dont dwell on that thought and when I do, I have battle buddies that are ready, willing and able to slap me in the face and reel me back in (not litterly slapping, although SOME of them might get some sick enjoyment out of that, LMAO) I also deal with it with a sense of humor (that keeps me sane!!) And sometimes my sense of humor is at other spouses expenses, ie hearing a spouse whine because its Thursday and their soldier isnt home promptly at 1500(3pm) I laugh at that because its ridonculous to me when their are families that are struggling with their soldier being deployed or hurt, etc... Today watching Oprah, I felt sad for the 1st family on the show when the spouse said the saddest part was that some of her husbands friends "abandoned" him after his injury happened.. I like to think our circle of friends wouldnt do that and I was really angry for her when she stated that.. But then I thought, maybe it cuts too close to home and is a reminder of WHAT can and DOES happen. Maybe they dont know how to react to it, im sure there are many reasons. Sal really couldnt finish watching it. I think he was bothered by my blubbering, LOL.. That always upsets him if he sees me sad.. Dominic watched part of it with me and was asking questions. Here are some of them:
1- Mama, is that Mrs Obama? Yes, Dom it is. oh, what is her family name? I said Obama.. Oh so like her husband Pres Obama. yes Dom, like her husband. Whats her real name? Michelle, Dominic. Oh, like Aunt Michelle. yep like aunt michelle.. Well Mrs Obama isnt my aunt, right? Nope, she isnt.. Oh..
2-Why is that soldier hurt mama? Well Dom, remember when I was telling you that sometimes in Iraq, mommy and daddy soldiers get hurt? Yeah, you said because they are trying to help the good guys fight the bad guys right mama? I said yep, but that soldier got hurt. How mama? Well a bad guy put something bad by his tank and it hurt his head. Ohhh, that is sad mama.. Yes it is, but he is okay and doing better.. Oh, so dad didnt get hurt there right? Nope, daddy is fine.. Yeah, because he is tough. Yep Dom because he is tough.
3-Does dad have to go back to Iraq ever again? Yes, its possible Dom. what about nick? Yep he is leaving soon.. Blake? no, not for a while, but like daddy, he will possibly have to again. Oh, well at your Toys R us they have a vest for the nerf and it protects them, we can get them one.. Yep, we will get them one Dom, its nice for you to think about that.. Oh and Mom? What Dom? Can I have string cheese for dessert? and did you know some kids call it cheese sticks? Isnt that funny mama? Yep Dom, its HILARIOUS...

Oh the words of a child, they make everything right and good again. So Oprah wants us all to help military families however we can. So, to my military sisters and brothers, im here to help YOU, BUT I dont do windows.. Seriously, you that know Sal and I know that we will do whatever is in our power to help each of you, because you are family.. And for those of you reading this that arent affiliated with the military- Get to a old soldiers home and volunteer, meet the men and women who helped build this country. Donate to a fisher house, volunteer with the red cross or USO, let these amazing families know that "outsiders" do infact care about what we go through.

I have a Funny Roman situation.. Today we came home from errands and he realized we have new neighbors ( they have been here for a month) He said we have new neighbors mamma? Yep we do.. He said Oh, do they live here? OMG, I couldnt make this stuff up LMAO...

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