Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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sal packing for deployment 09-10
Okay, so the next 2 blogs(today's and tomorrows) are being "guest blogged" by my wonderful husband, Sal. Sal is a wonderful soldier, husband and father. I am NOT sure how he manages to be a soldier, a husband to me (trust me, im sure that is a feat in itself LMAO) and a great father, but he manages it very well. Of course we ALL think our soldier is the best and I am no different but if you ask anyone who knows him as a soldier or a man, they will concur.. he just has that way about him and he manages to put his soldiers and his family close to his heart and take care of all of us crazies LOL.. In todays guest installment he talks about being a successful military team with your spouse-Ill warn you he always uses the feminine in speaking about spouses but trust me, he is FULLY aware of the gents out there as well and feels the same way whether it be a male or female spouse.. Toodles

Soldier and Spouse Success

This topic is a tough topic to talked about in regards to being able to cover everything on how a Soldier and spouse can be successful during their military career. The areas covered are by no means in any certain order, one is not more important than the other. These points are my personal opinion and by no means in any regulations that says it will happen, but I will tell you that it has made OUR career a excellent one. These areas will only scratch the surface of what make you a successful military family.

1. Ensure your spouse is FULLY aware of what is going on, doesn't matter if it is going to upset her. It is better that it comes from you versus hearing about it through the grapevine. Example : You want to be the first to inform her about being gone for a month to the field.

2. Knowing about the Army way of life. Between ATFB and you explaining daily activities and events that you go through does wonders for her to understand the WHY.

3. Remember it is OUR career...yes only one is in the Army, but at the end of the day the Soldier CAN NOT be successful without the support of the spouse.

4. The Soldier handles Soldier business. The key to this is that the Soldier be proactive on issues and keeping the spouse informed on what the progress is. Always remember that a Soldier would not go into the a civilian work place to fix a spouse issue.

5. Remember that the mission comes first, but family also comes first. You wonder how that can be possible that two things come first. It is a hard task to accomplish, but always remember that the Army mission is hard to accomplish if the family is not on track and supporting. You want your Soldier focused on mission at hand. Balance is key and the toughest thing to figure out.

6. When your home your home. Yet another one that seems impossible. Remember you are ALWAYS a Soldier, but here comes the balance part again. Take advantage of every minute while at home, you never know when the phone will ring that says come back to work. You must figure out what you will do with those precious minutes that you have. is not going to the club with the boys. Spend it with the family, but there is nothing wrong every ONCE in awhile going out with the boys.

7. Understand what your spouse is going through. The Soldier truly has the easy job. We get all the guidance and direction needed and are kept fully engaged. The spouse on the other hand is sitting and wondering.

8. Get your spouse involved so they understand why you are doing something. Ask them to help you study for boards, if you have to be taped, show them how to do it. The more they understand what your going the through in your career the more they will be your backbone.

9. PRIDE, You and your spouse should have the same amount of pride about being in the Army. That way if one of you have a moment were of disgruntle against the Army they other will bring the pride back. Trust me, over the years this will happen and it is a amazing feeling to have your spouse bring you back to reality on why you wear the uniform.

10. Remember you are a team, a Soldier is can not do it alone. Any Soldier that says they are successful without their spouse is full of it. The spouse isn't the one executing the mission, but the spouse is the one keeping the home front in order and letting that Soldier focus on the mission.

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  1. These are all so true! What a great post!! I have to say that I hate the picture though.. lol their gear being all over the place is never a good sign (ie. deployments, the field, stressing over an inspection, etc.)